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Vega 50

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100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 320 360 400 440 480 520 560 600 660


25 Anodized aluminium steel colour
67 Polished aluminum

Roll blinds components - Brackets - Wall system

BypassingInner Corner Pivot/PivotInner Corner Pivot/ChainInner Corner Chain/PivotPivot Side
Chain SideDouble Pivot SideDouble Chain SideMiddle Pivot/PivotMiddle Pivot/Chain
Middle Chain/PivotMiddle Chain/ChainMiddle DoubleSlalom Chain/PivotSlalom Chain/Chain
Slalom BypassingDouble Slalom Pivot/PivotSlalom Pivot/PivotSlalom Pivot/Chain

Roll blinds components - Brackets - Ceiling system

Middle BypassingDouble Bypassing SlalomInner Corner Pivot/ChainInner Corner Chain/PivotInner Corner Pivot/Pivot
Outer Corner Pivot/PivotPivot SideChain SideDouble PivotDouble Chain
Middle Pivot/PivotMiddle Pivot/ChainMiddle Chain/PivotMiddle Chain/ChainMiddle Double Pivot/Pivot
Slalom Pivot/PivotSlalom Pivot/ChainSlalom Chain/PivotSlalom Chain/ChainDouble Slalom Pivot/Pivot

Roll blinds components - Accessories

Recess Bracket PivotRecess Bracket ChainDouble Recess Bracket PivotDouble Recess Bracket Chain

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