Passion for interior furnishings


The Interior Design is defined by light and shade
and appropriate lighting is enormously important.

Albert Hadley

Roller blinds

Production of roller blinds
for interiors

Curtain poles

Production of curtain rails
and curtain poles

Panel blinds

Fabrics confection for roller blinds
and panel blinds


Thanks to the highly specialized staff,
Casa Valentina realizes high-level interior design projects according to the italian style.
A team of agents and partners support customers in the creation of interior furnishings.


Casa Valentina was founded in 1983 and at the very beginning the first ever manufactured articles were curtain poles in brass. Thereafter, the company has expanded its range of items by introducing curtain rods in iron, aluminium, stainless steel, combining these materials with decorative elements made of cristal, Murano glass, strass Swarovski, ceramics, resin and wood.

The continous research and development of the product has allowed to create systems of superior quality, giving life to a new way of conceiving the window decoration. Casa Valentina has introduced systems for decorative roller blinds with a high technical and stylistic content and suitable for the most modern and sophisticated environments.
Thanks to the highly specialized team, Casa Valentina can produce customizable roller blinds and panel blinds of small and large dimensions, relying on a wide range of fabrics.