Vesta is at my place sounds like the intriguing title of a movie, but in reality it is the name chosen by Casa Valentina for her new brand of accessories and furnishings.
Why Vesta? But why especially a new brand? Vesta is the name of the Roman goddess protector of the house and of its inhabitants, therefore it is the most appropriate deity to represent symbolically the values of domestic. The creation of a new brand, with a name that stands out for its originality, comes from the desire to offer new product lines characterized by a high content of design made in Italy, able to make them unique and recognizable and to meet the various needs of the contemporary furnishings.Not surprisingly, the signature that opens a series of proposals for Vesta is at my place is that of the well-known design studio Giulio Iacchetti, who signs a collection that marks the continuity with the established experience of Casa Valentina.

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Sistema ERIS con 9 rulli indipendenti

Sistema ERIS con 9 rulli indipendenti

Casa Valentina, il Vs. unico Partner per qualsiasi soluzione innovativa.Un altro esclusivo ed elegante esempio del design Casa Valentina.... Sistema ERIS con mantovana frontale curvata, realizzato con 9 rulli indipendenti, e...


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18 - 21 marzo 2015


24-28 February 2015

R+T STUGGART, trade fair, Germany

Halle: 1 Stand F.17

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