Experts in indoor window decoration since 1983, we now offer the perfect curtain technology for cutting-edge solutions, tailor-made and adaptable to any environment. However, let's not forget our origins, working daily on the design and offer of curtain scrolls in order to satisfy each of our customers. Window furnishing is our great mission that inspires the love and passion with which we deal with our products every day.


Casa Valentina roller blinds are available in different variants: single roller, double roller, built-in roller, night & day.

Each model is customizable: we have a vast choice of mechanical and textile models available which allows us to offer hundreds of combinations to the customer.

Double roller ideal for the creation of darkening and filtering systems; built-in roller made to be inserted into a false ceiling and the Night & Day fabric adaptable to every roller blind model. The striped and darkening effect is perfect for choosing and modifying the natural lighting of any environment.



Built-in roller blinds designed and built to be inserted into a plasterboard false ceiling. Thanks to the hermetic box and the inspectable front, maintenance is quick and easy.



Casa Valentina panel curtains are made with fabric, laser cut and squared. The fabrics are available in a wide choice of models and styles, some light and almost transparent, others more opaque and with bright touches of colour.



Crux Plus and Crux Special are roller blinds ideal for small windows. Both mini rollers are equipped with an accessory to fix the roller without drilling the frame and differ in the presence of the valance.
Crux Plus leaves the roller exposed and Crux Special covers it with an elegant valance.



Available in aluminium, brass, wood, iron and steel, Casa Valentina curtain runners will be able to satisfy every furnishing request: from the most classic to the most modern, from the most elaborate to the most basic.

The aluminum profiles give a clean and minimalist design. The classic brass stick can be combined with decorative elements such as Murano glass or Swarovski crystals. The wooden stick is suitable for rustic and classic environments and has an aluminum core inside, to ensure greater resistance. Finally, the possibility of making aluminum curtain runners, giving life to a rod that is not only indestructible but also of great design.

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Traditional and recessed curtain runners are always in fashion and, once installed, become almost invisible. We offer products designed for an elegant solution; thanks to the profile integrated into the ceiling they are perfect for an environment with an essential and minimal design.

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Casa Valentina has inserted a zipper system that facilitates the replacement of fabrics. The unique packaging system with the hinge inserted into the tube nose facilitates the insertion or replacement of the fabric.

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We are always committed to designing and manufacturing quality products; We believe safety is an absolute priority. Each of our models that requires the use of chains is equipped with the right safety devices that allow the chain to be fixed to the wall or window, preventing the child from reaching it.

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